Esprit Nova

Esprit Nova


Väljavõte Esprit Audio kirjeldusest:

“The Nova is a unique product using dielectric polarization technique, similar to what we developed in our audio cables.

 But instead of polarizing a relatively small dielectric in the audio cable, the Nova polarizes a much larger in size dielectric material.

 Once the dielectric in the Nova is being polarized by unidirectional electrostatic field, it acts as an ultra-high frequency absorbing device by attracting microwaves from cell phones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks, etc.

 In other words, the Nova has the ability to filter most of the unwanted high frequency interference in the room it is installed.

 The effect of the Nova can be clearly auditioned by playing music for around one minute, then plug the power adapter of the Nova and listen again.

 What you will notice is enhanced detail and micro-dynamics, more expansive soundstage, as well as notably smoother and more realistic tonality in the entire hearing range.”

Nova aitab välja filtreerida ebasoovitavaid kõrgsageduslikke kiirgusallikaid kuulamisruumi (ligikaudu kuni 100m2) piires, mis aitab parandada üldist muusika nautimise kogemust.

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